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logo and Apparel Design



Throughout the years I have created and produced numerous silkscreen printing graphics for my clients .

From creating the graphics, making colour separations, and even hand printing them myself, this is where I got my first taste of graphic design.

I have created and printed works for Brands such as: Body Glove, No Fear, aNYthing, Dissizit, Headrush, and more, however, licensing agreements with those companies and my former shop prohibit me from displaying them here.

Below is a look at some of the designs I have permission to show you:


white tank



A grass-roots project of mine. The iconic Ville-de-Montr√©al logo, placed in a red square, showing solidarity for the student protests and making a link between the toils and sacrifices of the city’s creatives and youth.

Designed for Under Pressure Graffiti festival. Over 300 sold on the streets with no in-store locations!











Limited edition design for monhood in Montreal. Based off my mtldrip design,

I was approached to make this graphic for their expos, street culture, and love inspired shirt.






outline print in CG1


T-shirt design for First You Get The Sugar

Check them out at







U X F 3Design consultant for aspiring Montreal brand: United By Freedom.

I co-ordinated their screen printing samples and production runs. I helped organize their photoshoot and adapted designs to be press ready.




I helped Surf Expedition with numerous projects for their surf touring company.

I re-created the logo in a vector file so it can be infinitely scaled. I sourced printers, produced stickers, hats, T-shirts and more.