This is written in the 3rd person because…well…Brian likes his chicken spicy!

After completing his art degree in 2006 from the UofC, Brian has spent the past 11 years applying his creative eye across a wide verity of media. He began silkscreen printing for the T-shirt industry in 2007, this brought him to work in print shops in Vancouver, Montreal, and London (UK); where he excelled in print sampling on manual presses, colour mixing, customer relations, and designing graphics.

In 2015 he returned to his hometown of Vancouver, BC to attend Emily Carr’s Interaction Design Program, where he learned to master his socially aware, design empathy skills and apply them to the ever growing field of UX/UI Design.

He has since taken on freelance, contract, and full-time work designing everything from websites, apps, logos, business cards,  motion graphics, video projects. You name it, he can come up with inside and outside of the box visual solutions!

Brian is also a IATSE LOCAL 891 Permittee:

Vancouver’s bustling Film industry has also lead him to new contracts and experiences and is a challenge that he finds great joy in!

Get in touch to see how his creative problem solving skills can help your next project!